Sponsored ads are advertisements that target specific shopping keywords or search terms.  Instead of designing a brand-specific ad and paying for it to run on a website, sponsored ads blend in seamlessly with the retail media environment in which they appear. That means they’re usually indistinguishable from the content a visitor has come to that website to find.

What is a Facebook sponsored post?

it’s an ad created by using a post on your Facebook business page. If you want your organic post on your Facebook business Page to get more visibility and to reach new and/or larger audiences, you can boost, or promote your post. Your post will be seen by more people, can help drive more direct brand awareness and user engagement as well as indirectly impact website traffic if there is a link and possibly conversions, too.

We will provide the setting for Facebook sponsored ads so everyone who is using Facebook will be able to see your business

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Last Update: June 26, 2023
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